Latest Technology Overcome Black Spots and Brighten Skin

Latest Technology Overcome Black Spots and Brighten Skin – Having clean and bright skin is the dream of almost all women. In addition to routine care at home, you can do special treatments at the beauty clinic for more effective results.
To meet the needs of the public to look attractive with bright faces and without black spots, Miracle Aesthetic Clinic presents the latest treatment through a trial and clinical trial process, the Miracle Yellow Laser.

To coincide with the 22nd anniversary, Miracle launched treatments with the latest laser technology combined with skin care products to overcome the problem of pigmentation or often canal with the term stubborn spots or melasma.

Black fecks usually often occur in women who have activities outside the home. One of the main factors triggering the appearance of black spots is often being exposed to sunlight for a long time with high intensity. Black spots can appear on the cheeks, forehead, around the nose and chin.

To make the appearance more confident, you can overcome the black spots and make your face brighter with the latest laser technology. Miracle Yellow Laser uses laser technology with wavelengths of yellow light to correct various skin problems
Benefits of Miracle Yellow Laser treatment
This treatment is effective for rejuvenating the skin, dealing with facial redness due to dilation of blood vessels, pimples and acne scars and to overcome spots. A very specific yellow laser wavelength at 577nm has high effectiveness and is safe to use for all skin types.

The process of treatment with this laser is very convenient because it is equipped with cooling technology integrated with the scanner, so it does not cause heat and pain. With this integrated cooling system, side effects such as burning and post-action pigmentation can be minimized.
Fast maintenance process
Laser technology from Germany, which is certified as a licensed Medical Device in Indonesia, can also be used for skin rejuvenation, brightening skin tone and making skin glowing.

Miracle Yellow Laser is a fast procedure ranging from 25-40 minutes, without pain and minimum downtime. So that they can resume their daily activities immediately after treatment.

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