Playing Games Using a Face [iOS]

Playing Games Using a Face [iOS] – In this article I will share the application Playing Games Using Your Face and getting a boomerang video at the end of the gameplay. Face in the Hole is a free application that you can use with your friends. This game is quite interesting because it requires you to poke objects floating on the screen with your face.

You will get a different level to cross. Each level has a different object. The first level starts with the Santa clause that you must cut with face. When the level changes, the game changes the object. You will get clouds to explode, Santa to cut, balls to appear, and more. After you finish the game, you will get a boomerang from your gameplay.

Playing Games Using Your Face

The first level that you can skip is downloading an application called Face in the Hole . You can easily find applications for free from the App Store or [ from here ].

This application allows you to play a fun game where you can poke objects that are floating on the screen. You and your friends can do it together using one cellphone.
So after you install the application, launch it. The application requests permission to access your mobile camera. You can allow him to continue playing.
Next to this, you can choose a game partner. After choosing friends, you can put the phone on a stable surface. Also, choose colors from pink and blue for you and your partner.

Now the game starts and you will see objects floating from left to right. You only need to move your face to press the color Santa you choose.

Your friends need to do the same thing. You both can poke the color object you choose. In the first level, Agan will make Santas explode and then appear balls, clouds, etc., in the next level
And when the game is over, Agan will see the boomerang highlight. You can share this game’s boomerang with others too. This is a fun game slot online because Agan and your friends will jump and move your face in front of the mobile screen.

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