The Secret to Ageless Face Without Wrinkles

The Secret to Ageless Face Without Wrinkles – Increasing age until stepping on 30 years is often a concern for almost all women. One of them is due to the emergence of fine lines wrinkles on the face that makes less confident.

Not only that, other skin problems usually begin to emerge such as black spots, wrinkles, and panda eyes on the face. Therefore, looking youthful with tight facial skin is the main desire that is always coveted every woman in order to continue to appear confident.

In addition to the factors of increasing age, there are several other factors that also affect a person’s skin condition. This is caused by high stress, sun exposure, free radicals, and UV rays. In these circumstances, if the skin is not treated properly, the skin will get dry and look older.

To deal with the skin from these signs of aging, the beauty brand Dermeva Anti-Aging Cream presents the latest technology to effectively address the problem of aging on facial skin with a maximum and well maintained. The latest technology from Europe which is able to regenerate damaged skin cells which generally occurs in the elderly with the use of cream regularly.

Benefits of routine care for a youthful face

Routine care is the secret to a youthful face without wrinkles. (Photo: iStockPhoto)
“We understand that health is certainly the main thing, so we designed this product with formulations of ingredients from Germany and France, such as Lactococcus Ferment Lysate which is able to stimulate skin membrane renewal with Probiotic technology. And many other nutritious ingredients, “said Ruth Andesita Marketing Manager of Dermeva Cosmetics Indonesia as in the release received by, Saturday (9/29/2018).

Safe natural ingredients and the latest clinical technology make this product superior because it is not only able to overcome and prevent the problem of aging, but also smoothes and provides nutrition that makes the skin feel lighter.

The ingredients are safe for the face

You are also more comfortable in treating your face, because the active ingredients in this product already have a halal certificate from MUI. The research results of the team of doctors who formulated this product have also been approved by BPOM so it is safe to use for facial skin.

“This product is very practical, one pot can be used for 30 days of regular use to get firmer skin and look younger. Get toned skin youthful with this routine treatment, “Ruth closed.

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